Can Backpacking Stove Exploded?

The answer is YES, backpacking stove can be exploded if the condition is letting the incident happen.

Usually, backpacking stove that overheated will be exploded, and not the cool stove which facing the risk to explode.

When your backpacking stove have a windscreen, but  then you placed it to tight and trapping around the stove, the heat will get trapped and explosion can occurred.

That is only one of the factor, but no matter what there is still a way to avoid for each circumstances.

Tips To Avoid Backpacking Stove Explosion

  1. Fuel container is the one which has the canister to compressed gas stove, the fuel tank or the liquid fuel stoves is easy to get overheated. When it is overheated, it can be exploded. To prevent it from happened, make sure the windscreen that placed around the stove is not blocking the airflow around the fuel tank or canister. If the air is blocked and then you are using a large pan, that is why the stove is easy to get exploded.
  2. Frying pan and the burner also need a little space between them while you are cooking. This situation will cause the heat to develop in the tank and rising the pressure in the tank too.  In a few moments, it will be even more overheated the valve will be released and it will explode like a blowtorch-like flame.
  3. You also can use a metal reflective disk that you can use around the burner to block the heat from the flame and then prevent the fuel canister from expose to overheat. You need to place it properly, so the shields will act as a heat preventer and not going to let any direct heat to the canister.
  4. If you leaving a size-able gap in the windscreen on location of the stove downwind side, maybe 1.5inch gap, this is a tip to allow the heat to escape and your canister will never be overheated. The canister need to be in a normal temperature so it can work properly and the pressure inside also in a normal condition.
  5. If you not have the windscreen that you look for in the market or your local hardware store, you still can make your own windscreen using the material that suitable for you. Even if you forgot to bring one, you’re still can use any natural windbreaks that you may found in your camping site such as big rocks, logs and also snow banks.
  6. You may also try to make something called kite screen for this purpose. A kite screen is a long piece of fabric in material, about 12 – 14 inches high that you can set up with sticks placed in the ground around your cooking area and about several inches away from your backpacking stove. This kite screen will not only cover one stove, but it can protect your stove in more than one.


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