There are a few joyous moments in our life that we simply cannot forget. And finding out that you’re having a baby is one of them.

Early pregnancy signs include breast tenderness, cramping, food aversions, nausea, and feeling bloated.

But finally, it’s your late or missed period that gives it away. In that case, here’s how to perform homemade pregnancy test with sugar to add more mystery and fun to the experience.

If you don’t want to opt for conventional pregnancy tests, there are DIY versions as well.

Homemade ingredients for pregnancy tests vary incredibly. And carry ZERO RISK FACTORS. But the truth of the matter is something else altogether.

Let’s find out what it is in the article below.

What You Should Know Before Reading On

Women opting for DIY tests for pregnancy do so for many reasons.

Firstly, and most importantly, the method is fun. It’s because you get the opportunity to test out different types of ingredients. Such as sugar!

Secondly, the majority of these ingredients you already own. Also, homemade pregnancy test with sugar ranks asa holistic and natural approach.

The best part of this particular method is that you can use it as per your convenience. Each time you miss your period or are wondering if you might be pregnant, all you need is some sugar.

You don’t always have to head out to the medical store to buy a pregnancy test at such times.

You’ll be quite surprised to know that most DIY tests come from places that have no easy access to pregnancy tests.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar: Introduction

Before I discuss a homemade pregnancy test that works, let me tell you a little about pregnancy tests.

They all rely on HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormones present in the urine. This particular hormone is created by the placenta of your fertilized egg. When the egg attaches itself to the uterus wall!

Ingredients used in DIY pregnancy tests should be able to react to the HCG hormone. But at the same time, please make sure that you’re opting for SAFE METHODS.

As there are certain chemicals that have the ability to produce toxic gasses. That is after they come in contact with urine ammonia. And it’s dangerous to inhale these elements. Especially when pregnant!

You don’t want your embryo to be exposed to noxious substances now, do you?

Keeping that in mind, homemade pregnancy test with sugar ranks as the safest. And most reliable method! Sugar reacts differently to a pregnant woman’s urine than to one who hasn’t conceived.


I have discussed some important guidelines below before we get to the DIY section.

  • When you pee first thing in the morning, that’s the urine you should use for the test. It has the most concentrated value. That means your HCG hormones are the highest at this point.
  • Avoid drinking lots of water prior to the pregnancy test. As this tends to dilute the already minimum quantity of HCG hormone found in the system.
  • After taking the homemade pregnancy test, wait for at least 10 minutes. And then read the results.

How to Make and Perform?

Sugar is the most popular ingredient due to its inexpensive nature. Along with easy availability! And unlike other DIY methods, this one is completely harmless.

So please continue reading if you want to know how to perform a pregnancy test using sugar.

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • A sterilized bowl
  • First pee of the morning
  • And sugar, of course (3 tablespoons)

Directions to Follow:

1. The First Step

Add sugar to the clean bowl.

2. The Second Step

At the time of urinating, aim directly into that bowl.

3. The Last Step

Wait for at least 10 minutes before allowing the sugar to change your life completely. Or not!

Interpreting the Results

If HCG hormones are present in your urine, they will keep the sugar in the bowl from dissolving. That means the sugar will start to clump inside the bowl if you’re pregnant. Otherwise, it will dissolve like it does when added to hot water.

Sugar pregnancy test positive pictures and sugar pregnancy test negative pictures:

As soon as you find out that you’re pregnant, it’s time to call your doctor and fix up an appointment.

Early detection is considered to be the best approach to ensuring a healthy and happy pregnancy. So don’t hesitate to discuss it with a midwife or opt for a blood test in order to confirm your pregnancy.

How Accurate Is the Sugar Pregnancy Test?

A homemade pregnancy test with soap or sugar, in this case, is a fun experiment. As far as the ingredients are safe to use! But the accuracy of such DIY tests is far from 100 percent factual.

The most effective method is by using a proper pregnancy test. The product is clinically tested. That means it’s designed to predict your pregnancy. With a 99 percent accuracy rate! On top of that, the test is totally unobtrusive and safe.

If the cost of the pregnancy test is something you’re worried about, it’s time to put an end to it. Because the market is flooded with several affordable options!

The chances of finding individual tests for every budget at the majority of dollar stores are pretty high.

On the other hand, for those trying to conceive, you might want to test your urine more frequently. Am I right? In that regard, you’ll come across even more pocket-friendly options.

Medical companies sell as many as 25 test strips in a single box. And as per my calculation, with the box, you end up paying less for a single test than you would for an individual one.

HCG pregnancy strips have the ability to detect the hormone a day before you miss your period. And that too with an accuracy level of 99.8 percent. Now, this method is more reliable as compared to using sugar or soap.

You can even get them online if you’re a bit skeptical about buying at a store. Privacy and anonymity are well taken care of in this case.

In Conclusion

DIY methods are exciting to try out, right? But it’s important to confirm with a medically approved pregnancy test.

And after that, with the doctor! Don’t pave the way for disappointments and false hopes. Consider this particular or any other homemade pregnancy test as a fun option. Not a reliable one.

So tell me, do you have a favorite DIY method to share with us here? You can discuss your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. Simply scroll down to get there.

I hope you found the content entertaining. Please don’t forget to share the post to spread the joy.

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