The great camping trip is the one where you enjoy the nature. You can relax and see the beauty of the nature very closely while going on anoutdoor activity.

Nowadays government is very careful in preserving the nature. It must stay the way it is and conversed.

A good citizen is the one who takes care and do not destroy the natural resources. It is our duty to stay cautious towards nature.

When going for the expedition take all the precautions to preserve the nature. We can choose a sustainable and green camping while going on an expedition.

It is not difficult to go for the green camping. You need to do little preparations. So take cautions and keep it the way it is.

Use of the reusable gears

Do not carry the paper plates, cups,plastic spoons or the plastic utensils. Instead of it carry the utensils that can be rinsed and reused.

Reconsider the paper napkins, carry the fabric napkins that can be washed and reused.

You will save the nature drastically as you will not burn the trash and keep the air clean. The environ gases pollute the air.

Using plastic utensils is harmful as their disposal creates nuisance.

Reconsider the use of RV at camping site

RVs are used at the camping site for your transportation but they use a huge amount of energy and fuel so that they can run smooth.

In the next camping visit, rethink on the use of RV. It is convenient for you though, yet carry things in your car to the camp site.

You can carry a big tent that cost less and the are eco-friendly. Do not pitch them outside the camping site as it can harm the nature and the wildlife.

Cookstove for the camp

You can always use the wood for cooking of the food. If you are not allergic to the smoke then you can easily use the wood available at the camp site.

The cookstove can cook everything but they require propane or the electricity to be operated. You can save a huge amount of fuel by using the wood.

If it is not practical to cook everything on the wood, you can at least cook certain things to converse the energy.

It is good light source as well as will reduce your cooking time on the camp stove.

Converse Electricity

LED lights are very efficient light source. They are available in form of the flashlights and as lanterns. You can use it for as long as 600 hours.

They produce the bright light than any normal flashlight bulbs. Use the AA or the AAA batteries.

These lights are very good to be used on the camping sites. By use of such LED lights you will converse at least 90 percent of the fuel.

The LED lanterns should be used around the camp sites too. You can enjoy the camping more if you are away from all the electronic gadgets.

So leave them at home if possible. Leave the TV and the games. Just carry the cellular phone so that it can be used in case of any emergency.

Stay relaxed without electronics to enjoy the nature. Choosing an electricity free camping is wonderful.

Keep the place clean

Get the trash bags and do not leave your near the camp and the camp sites. Always keep your site clean. Do not leave any traces behind.

Carry enough disposable bags with you. You should segregate the trash and the trash bags. Keep the recycled items separate from biodegradable trash.

Leave no food items behind. It can attract the animals and insects. Bury all the pet and the human wastes.

Segregate the trash bags so that you can easily carry it back with you. Keep the camp sites spic and span.

Always use the Safe Products

It is very important that the water used for rinsing and washing is not too harmful. You will need water for yourself and washing of dishes.

Use the biodegradable soaps. Use the stuff that is not harmful for the animals. The water may get mixed with water that is used by the animals.

Use the soap away from the rivers, streams or the lakes to protect them from any harmful element.

Green camping is not difficult. It is very easy, you need to take some precautions. You need to keep away with the things like refrigerator, TV, video games etc.

Green camping is not a complicated thing. It is merely a shift in the mindset. Use the things that are environmental friendly so that minimum damage is caused to the environment.

Think on the green camping and enjoy the outdoors. You can implement going green in your routine life too.

It will be very easy for you to go for the green camping if you are used to of environment friendly things.


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