Going somewhere? Planning on taking your kids or loved one on a hiking trip or a vacation involving camping and trekking.

Well guess what, this time you won’t need to enable your GPS to find the nearest “bed n breakfast” and neither will you need your mom (supposing your not taking your kids because you don’t have them yet!) to pack you some sandwiches which might just get stale or mushy over the long drive to your chosen spot.

Best of all, the following food tips and meal recipes are ultralight in their deliverance and cooking them or simply preparing them is easy (to say the least) with the assortment of very simple ingredients.

Using these tips, you’re guaranteed to be able to prepare gourmet meals, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a simple lightweight salad.

Moreover, these best backpacking recipes even include a pro-vegan diet complementing any of your vegetarian companion’s vegan diet.

Even better is the fact that these recipes will match any homemade dish allowing you to carry the same nutritious-packed, lightweight meals in your backpack for however long you want without the worry of the ingredients going stale or becoming inedible (Note: natural decay still incurs.

The last line doesn’t mean you can keep the Avocados in your backpack for your grand kids just because some wannabe self-acclaimed recipe chef said so in an article online).

Furthermore, this review keeps in mind that you will be traveling a lot on foot. Climbing over rocks and the like are physically intensive exercises that will leave you panting for breath or even a bit dehydrated.

Hence, this review targets diets and recipes that will counter any of such outsets.

Meanwhile, a note to keep in mind, is the fact that all the recipes are meant for on the go, so we’re not talking about smoothies and shakes that you’ll need a blender for, or even some light cooking that would require a stove.

These recipes are meant for the all-in-the-backpack traveler allowing you to take all the ingredients to your camp site (or spot of resting) and prepare a hearty, delicious, nutritious meal that you can devour without steel utensils or other kitchenware of the like.

Lastly, as always, a word of caution. Since these are recipes meant for on the go and simple preparation, it should be no surprise that nuts (peanuts, wall-nuts etc.), fruit (Bananas, Avocados etc.) and other items (milk, beans etc.) will be a huge part of the deal.

Please make sure to check with your allergies and the same for your companions, because if you did take my word seriously about not needing your GPS, chances of finding a clinic or hospital in a hurry will be very slim.

And moreover, using the paper-plates or cups, a backpacking stove or other disposable utensils comes with the obligation of discarding these items safely and responsibly.

Please make sure to keep a plastic/polythene bag for discarding of such material.

And finally, be sure to check out the rest of our series on best backpack recipes as we include an array of options from breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to desserts and vegetarian diets.

One special review, upon popular demand, tackles the issue of dehydration when committing such exercises or physically intensive tasks.

All these issues and many other await your review, just as we await your feedback of experiences you had when trying out our easy cooking food tips and simple ingredient meal recipes. So, as always, pack your backpack, hit the trail and happy munching!

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