No need major work to revamp your kitchen. Some brush strokes, a rearrangement of space, well-placed lighting, trendy accessories, and … voilà. Here are 5 ideas to help you get started and provide new life to your cherished piece.

Need a change of kitchen without spending too much time and budget? Some furnishings and decor tips could be the solution … 5 Ideas offers quick and stunning makeover.

1. A Few Brushstrokes To Revamp The Kitchen

The color is often one of the reasons that we can not see a piece of painting. Old oak furniture, a worn and outdated backsplash, walls too little or too colorful … Modes and desires change. But we are reassured, few brushstrokes are enough to make our kitchen hated our new favorite room.

Repaint your kitchen cupboards and is one of the most used solutions to redo the kitchen without change everything. Within hours the kitchen comes to life under your brush strokes. Depending on what you like, you can opt for clear or colored hue, apply it on the entire furniture or just a part …

Note: closets of old kitchens often contain moldings. The paint will not hide the fact and the former will remain present.

If this put you off, why not opt for fairly thin medium boards and stick them on your old door? The moldings are well hidden. To reinforce the desired effect modern, opt for new fine handles and length is a great idea.

The paint in the kitchen is not just closets. The idea can be resumed for sideboards and especially on the walls! Itis recommended to choose light colors for furniture and colorful playing card on the walls.

A good way to renew the atmosphere in the kitchen without much expense and trendy because you can change the paint whenever you want …

2. Blow Of Charge On The Worktop And Splashback In The Kitchen For A Stunning Makeover

In the kitchen, the work plan is the first to suffer the effects of time. Worn, outdated … It is often high time to change it! For this you can choose various options. Obviously, remove and replace. But it is also possible to paste over the old. This allows the same time to elevate the kitchen. Adding concrete-type wax coating over a tiled plane is also a great idea. Besides the aesthetics and contemporary, this allows to provide a smooth and completely hide the joints are often the first to suffer time.

This also works for the credence table that can also be repainted as we have seen above. But why not change and choose to pick new tiles on the old ones? Similarly, adhesive products (decorative plates, stainless …) are extremely convenient for quick and easy makeover without any remove.

3. Redesign And Restructure The Space In The Kitchen

The stakes are not only aesthetic when trying to revamp its cuisine. It is essential not to forget the practical side in this very living room!

If you find your table is too bulky, it will be essential to replace it. But then again you can be original … Extending your work plan into a dining area, add continuity of the end of the kitchen table or bar shifted to form an L or if you instead, invest in a center island will bring a lot of modernity and space for cooking and eating.

Often heavy in the old kitchens, furniture over the full height of the wall can be removed to make room for more furniture horizontal (eg 90 x 40 cm). This provides a more airy effect and trend.

4. Light Is The Decor In The Kitchen

Change the light is already revamp its cuisine. Ultra-convenient to cook or eat, she also creates a real atmosphere and decor to her alone. Put spotlights in a false ceiling, wireless spots, big suspensions over the table, a fancy lamp …

The options are many. The lighting under the wall cabinets but often remain our favorites. It is ideal for cooking but also to create a light and intimate atmosphere.

5. Accessorize Your Kitchen To Better Revamp

Multiply Decor touches in the kitchen can revamp the blink of an eye without breaking the bank! There are several ideas we advise you to draw: let nature in that room in there with the plants (aromatic why not?)

Build on the colored keys (utensils, pots, frames, …), change its appliances and choose very decorative and matching products (toaster, kettle, food …), install credenza bars to stow and beautiful utensils before … In the kitchen as in the plate, the small details often make all the difference!


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